10 Exotic Places To Visit In Bali For Your Dream Honeymoon

If you and your precious half are dreaming of an exotic and magical honeymoon, pick Bali as a honeymoon destination. Out of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, Bali paints a romantic picture with its tropical rainbow of shores, towering volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields and dense jungles. Its natural beauty combined with its rich cultural offerings, curious traditions and lively nightlife make it an exciting honeymoon

Bali Wedding Guide

Planning to Getting Married in Bali? LAWS, LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES Bali is part of the Republic of Indonesia and is subject to Indonesian Laws. Every couple considering getting married in Bali must comply with these Laws. In accordance with Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning marriages in Indonesia (Article 2 (1): “a marriage is legitimate if it has been performed according to the laws of

Wedding Venue Ideas

Bali has fast become the ideal destination for holding that perfect day. With the most luxurious accommodation, breathtaking scenery and incredible cliff top estates you have amazing choice when it come to picking that dream destination. Provided below are a few handpicked destinations and venues for which our wedding team love! Cliff Top Venues  

The Coolest Wedding Venue in Bali

With Bali’s gorgeous scenery and luxurious villas, it’s often the dream destination for couples to hold weddings, pre-wedding photoshoots and go on their honeymoon. Many have chosen to exchange their sacred vows on Balinese land – and that’s a choice you won’t be likely to regret. But how can you literally make your wedding day the most special day of your life? Check out our

Married in Bali Legally

To have official or legal wedding in Bali is possible almost for all couples. Legal wedding registration in Bali is not expensive and procedure is quite clear and simple. Possessing both Religious and Civil (or Legal) wedding ceremonies in Bali is recognized as legal by most of foreign countries. Please note that the procedure of legal marriage in Bali can a bit vary depending on your

Guide to Bali Wedding

We thought after three members of our amazing team had been lucky enough to have their wedding in Bali over the past 4 months that we should share The Bride's Guide to having the best Bali wedding. Below is a result of our team calling on our extended network in Bali to build a detailed guide showcasing the best of the Bali wedding scene. Whether

Wedding In Bali

You have finally met the person of your dreams and you are ready to take the plunge. You both agree that you would love to be able to have a wedding in a romantic, exotic destination, and feel that the island of Bali is going to be the perfect destination for your Bali Wedding. But you are also worried about the costs and feel that

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